Free Knitting Patterns

  • Cariad

    A super easy and super fast knit. Made flat, it is ideal for a beginner and also a great quick gift.
    Cariad = Love in welsh. You will definitely love this cowl when you snuggle up into it.

  • Hyades

    Hyades is a bright cluster of stars named after the five daughters of Atlas, and often associated with rain. I designed this beret to add some colour to those wet summer afternoons we get in the UK!

  • Kelsey

    Pinafores are a classic style of dress which are extremely versatile and easy to wear. Kelsey is knitted in the round from the top down with a dainty lace skirt, and can be worn over trousers, shorts or leggings. LK Magazine

  • Uncoil

    A very quick pattern. You could have this hat in a couple of hours.
    Beautiful and springy when done, wear it slouchy or fold the brim over for a beanie look.

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