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The Easy Way to Figure Out Yarn Weight

As knitters, we all have those loose balls of yarn left in our stash. The ones that have been left over from a project but have no ball band, no label, just no info. It's a ball of yarn.

We know by looking at it, the difference between 4ply (Fingering) and Chunky (Bulky) but when you need an aran (worsted) weight yarn, how do we know it's aran and not DK? Can we be 100% sure we've got it right?

Well...yes! We can. Here's how:

You will need a normal sized pencil, a unit of measurement - tape measure or your needle gauge ruler, and the yarn.

1. Wrap the yarn around the pencil. You will need to wrap at least 2.5 cm (1 inch). It must be close together but not overlap. You need to have each wrap touching the next so there are no gaps.

2. Count the number of times the yarn wraps around the needle over 2.5 cm (1 inch)

3. Check out the WPI (wraps per inch) chart below and compare your wrap count.

WPI. Yarn Weight

35 or more 0 - Lace

19-22 1 - 4 ply (Fingering)

15-18 2 - Sport

12-14 3 - DK

9-11 4 - Aran (Worsted)

7-8 5 - Chunky (Bulky)

6 or less 6 - Super Chunky (Super Bulky)

So, for example; the photo above wraps 21 times around the pencil in 2.5 cms. So I now know that this is 4 ply (Fingering) weight yarn. Here's another example:

This one has 10.5 wraps in the 2.5 cm. So according to the chart this is an aran weight yarn.

So now you know how to work out your WPI and not guess what weight your yarn is or even knit up a swatch to figure out the gauge. You just need a pencil and a ruler.

Happy stash busting!

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