Top 5 Customer Photos – Jan – Mar 2018

Top 5 Customer Photos – Jan – Mar 2018

Three months ago I showed you the top 5 photos I had received from customers of their little ones wearing a RowRow and Kades item. I wanted to do a quarterly post for this, and it’s that time already! I seriously can’t believe we are close to the end of April already! Please be aware that the links in this post will take you to the product in my Etsy shop.
Anyway, enough of that…here we go with the cute babies!

Baby wearing Powder Blue Aviator Hat

This first one is the second photo I’ve had sent to me of this little fella. The first photo I had was when he was only a few weeks old and wearing his Aviator Hat. It was slightly too big for him and had lots of growing room. His mum sent me this updated version a few weeks later. How cute is he! All filled out with his chubby cheeks and wearing that aviator so well! Gorgeous!

Little girl with teddy and butterfly bonnet

This little girl loves her Butterfly Bonnet! She wears it so much that I have more photos of her than any other customer! Her mum always posts them on Instagram and tags me so I can see and I love it! It seriously makes my day to see her getting so much use out of something I made for her. She is super cute too!

Little Girl in her Ophelia Bonnet

I love the rustic feel to this photo. It’s almost like it was taken years in the past! This little girl is a returning customer. She also owns a Butterfly bonnet but she came back for an Ophelia Bonnet. It looks so beautiful on her and her styling is just perfect!

Little Girl in her Dragon Egg Bonnet

Love this photo of this little girl wearing her Dragon Egg Bonnet in Cranberry. She is posing so lovely! Showing us the side of the bonnet where all that gorgeous pattern is shown off. Super model in the making!

Little boy on a bed in a Butterfly bonnet

Last, but by no means least, is Roma in his Butterfly Bonnet. Roma’s first bonnet was a little tight on him, so his mum sent it back for a resize and now it fits just perfectly. I love making sure the bonnets are right for your child. Look how much he suits this!

So there we are for another quarter. I’m really looking forward to seeing what gorgeous photos my customers send to me over the next 3 months!

March Meet the Maker pt 2

March Meet the Maker pt 2

Last month I participated in the wonderful March Meet The Maker challenge. I blogged about the first half of the challenge here, telling you what it was all about and my posts for the start of the month.

This blog is all about the second half of the month since I still want to share it with you but a blog post a day is a bit too much for me to handle. Here is the remainder of March Meet the Maker:

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

Quote and bout getting your dreams to reality

Day 14: Dreams and Plans

I don’t know where this quote came from but it says it all really. My dreams are to make my little hobby something I can be proud of and my plans are to work hard and make it happen. Watch this space…

Day 15: Boomerang

Boomerang is an app which takes a 3 second video and loops it. It’s lots of fun, so if you haven’t used it before, please have a go. It’s completely free.

Just look how yarn and I magnetise together! We are meant to be! Soul mates. I love yarn and yarn loves me.
I love a good boomerang.

Rowan giggling

Day 16: Helper

I have 2 main helpers, soon to be 3 since Kaden will be helping out too, but that bit’s a secret.
Rowan is my mini helper. He models the boys and the unisex things for me and tries most things on in his size to make sure I’ve got it right. He loves it and prefers to wear a hat most days now!
Terry my partner

My other helper is Terry. Not only is he an excellent father to our children, he watches them while I get my job’s done, cooks all my meals (he’s a much better chef than me!) and listens to my moaning about a knitting equation I can’t work out or a yarn I’m using that’s not doing what it should, even though he hasn’t got a clue what I’m on about.
I couldn’t do this without them.
Next year, when I do this again, Kaden will be on the list but I’ve already told you, that’s a secret! ?

A customer photo of a little girl in her bonnet

Day 17: Customers & Feedback

My customers are always so wonderful, esp the ones that share their photos with me! Nothing makes my day more than seeing my knitwear out there being loved and used.
I also get truly amazing feedback which I appreciate more than I can say. People tend to forget to leave feedback so everytime someone writes some for me I am completely over the moon.
There are a few of my wonderful reviews at the bottom of this post, but first, look at this gorgeous customer photo of her daughter wearing her Ophelia Bonnet. Just classic and beautiful.


My stitch bibles, beautiful flowers and yarn

Day 18: Inspiration

I get inspired by so many things but I selected a couple today for the photo.
My stitch bibles are huge inspiration. I see a pattern and know what I want to do with it straight away. The problem is there are just so many!
Nature inspires me so much. The colours and shapes of flowers and trees and just everything. Even down to which colours look good together. Nature is so beautiful. How could you not be inspired?
The other thing is yarn. Sometime I see yarn and just know what it needs to become. Some yarn is just meant to be a pretty hat or a manly jumper!
I am also inspired by other designers. They spur me on, make me think differently, make me see colours in an unusual way.
So now it’s your turn. What inspires you?

Lots of yarn, coffee and my planner

Day 19: Can’t Live Without

Yarn!!!! Omg can you imagine a world without yarn! ?
Coffee and my planner come a very close second. I NEED coffee esp in the morning to wake me up and the planner keeps me present and correct.
That being said, I obviously couldn’t live without my two children and my partner!
But no yarn though… ?
What would you struggle to live without?

A selection of knitting tools

Day 20: Tools and Materials

Here are a few of mine. I never realised before that it’s mostly pink and blue!

My sketches and planner

Day 22: Sketchbook & Lists

I don’t have a sketchbook really. I usually use scraps of paper and keep them in a little box. These three are my sketches for the popular butterfly bonnet, my tides beanie and my honeycomb bonnet which is also in progress in the bottom left.
As for lists! I have so many! But my main list is in my awesome planner. That book is the only thing that keeps my head straight! Honestly.

Day 23: Hands at Work

This is me knitting a new hat I’m working on. I find the clicking of the needles quite soothing so I’ve left the sound on.


Lets Knit magazine with yarn and flowers

Day 24: Achievements

I was a bit worried about this one, thinking I haven’t really won any awards, I don’t have thousands of followers…ahh what have I achieved?!
But then I thought about it a bit longer. I haven’t been doing this for long. The knitting, I’ve been doing that for years, but rowrow and kades is new. It’s still learning and growing and finding its little newborn feet.
Before it I was designing patterns, mainly for Let’s Knit. I have a design in every magazine in this photo and that’s not even half of them. Those are just a selection with one of my designs on the cover. I sometimes forget that I can do that part of this job. I automatically start knitting a new design without even realising that I am creating something new from my brain, that doesn’t already exist in the world. It’s an achievement to remember that! I am hard on myself. Brutally sometimes. I need reminding of the things I’ve achieved. That’s another reason I love meet the maker. It forces you to think a little harder and not plod on with the day to day.

Honeycomb Bonnet with tulips

Day 25: Being a Maker Means…

It means being there for my boys when I’m needed. It means letting my brain think up lovely things and being able to get that to appear in real life with some woolly string and two sticks. It means freedom to be my own boss and do something I truly love. It gives me so much joy so see something I thought up being worn by someone else. I love being a maker.

Knitting books, yarn bowl and wip

Day 26: Books, Blogs and Podcasts

I used to read a great deal. It was when I went to bed at night mainly. I would read Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. But since having a toddler that time has past. Now when I go to bed I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. Toddlers are exhausting.
The main books I have for knitting are my beloved and well worn stitch bibles.
I also used to read lots of blogs, but again, not so much. I dip in and out of blogs like Lauren Aston Designs and MollieMakes but I’m not religious with them. I tend to read a lot of the Handmade Seller Magazine which I pay a subscription for. It’s a fantastic resource.
Podcasts… I just haven’t got on that band wagon yet. I might flag a lift next time it passes.

Craft kit by Makeyourownhappyuk

Day 27 : Recommended a Maker

I would like to recommend a few makers today. I’ve met so many wonderful people since doing this challenge but my first shout out goes to Donna at Make Your Own Happy She is just starting out and doing a marvellous job making lots of craft kits for every occasion, from Easter to Halloween, she’ll have a kit for your kids or you to do. All while entertaining her daughter!

My second shout out goes to Lisa Green Designs who makes beautiful bunting from fabric that she has designed herself! Amazing talent and beautiful work.

Lastly I’d like to mention Jane Burns, a fantastic knitting and crochet pattern designer who thinks up the most amazing things from her brain! Jane designs everything from kids tops to cushions to Christmas door stops. And awesome socks too.

So there are my 3 recommend makers. I hope you click through and visit their pages to see how brilliant they all are.

My awesome planner

Day 28: Organised

I hear a “dun dun dun dunnn!” here because it should really say “unorganised”. In fact, I wasn’t even organised enough to know what I would be uploading to my grid today.
However! I do much better in my organisation since getting my awesome planner because it literally saves my life. Daily. I don’t know how I managed before it. It has sections for my day to day, my social media, my in comings and out goings and generally keeps me on my toes with little tasks to do. An amazing piece of kit I am so happy I own.
Other than that, I have a drawer unit in my living room dedicated to yarn, plus the cupboard that stores our towels has an extra shelf and floor space for more yarn ? It’s organised into type as in, this is the yarn I use for these patterns and orders etc. I know where stuff is. Mostly. My desk is kinda tidy….

Ophelia bonnet with flowers

Day 29: Community

This is a tough one. My own personal community is all online. I’m quite shy in real life – although people who know me would disagree with that because I’ve got pretty good at hiding it. I don’t go to craft groups or knit and natters because I’d be paralysed trying to get through the door. I know it’s silly but I just can’t. So instead, I have my knits and natters online.
I have a couple of communities there. My Kelly Menzies Designs group on Ravelry, and my RowRow and Kades Wool Baa on facebook. Come and join either of them, you would be so so welcome to join us whether you are a knitter or a wearer!
Instagram has also become a lovely community for me. I have lots of lovely messages from customers and fellow crafter’s and it’s such a wonderfully supportive place.

Charge what you are worth and don't apologise for it

Day 30: Top Tip/Advice

This is my advice to anyone starting out and selling their craft. Seriously. Charge what you are worth and don’t apologise. I see so many crafter’s selling their makes for next to nothing and it drives me mad. There is nothing worse than seeing someone undervaluing their art. I used to do it and now I have learned. My prices are calculated by how long it takes me to make the item plus material costs. No extras. As much as I love my customers I cannot work for free. They must pay for my time. Otherwise I would just knit all the beautiful things for me and my little family but where is the fun in that? I love what I do, but it is for a reason.
If you are a crafter wanting to sell your goods, please, at the very least, charge an hourly rate. You wouldn’t go to work and expect to sit for hours toiling at your job for free.

Lots of pom pom hats all in a row

Day 31: Creative Friends

Well, truthfully, I have zero creative friends in my actual reality. None. I would love to have a pal to knit with, but sadly, I don’t know anyone who is crafty inclined. All of my crafty chats and people who get what I’m going on about (esp when I talk about rolling about in lots of yarn!) are all online. I’m not going to start listing them all. They know who they are. My little tribe of knitters. One day, I will get the guts to walk through the door of a knit and natter, but I will always chat to my online buds ?

Lastly, here are the lovely customer reviews I chose to include in my March Meet the Maker post:

So that’s it. March Meet the Maker is over and we are now heading off into April. I hope you have enjoyed reading all about my little knitting venture and I would love to hear more about you in the comments below.

Kelly x


March Meet the Maker

March Meet the Maker

This month I have been participating in the wonderful March Meet The Maker challenge. For those of you who haven’t heard about this or are just unsure what it’s all about, I’ll let Joanne Hawker, the creator of the challenge, explain in her own words;

The idea behind #MarchMeetTheMaker is to show the side that people don’t usually get to see… to show that we’re not all faceless brands. We’re just normal people creating beautiful things by hand.

Since this challenge is aimed mostly at Instagram (even though I’ve posted my photos onto my Facebook page too) I thought it would be nice to share what I’ve done so far with you guys. Some of you follow me here and don’t use Instagram or Facebook and I like everyone to get to know me equally! You lucky things!
At an almost half way point of the challenge, here are my Meet The Maker posts so far…

A photo of me in my office

Day 1: You

The first prompt is “you” so…this is me! My name is Kelly and I am the face behind RowRow and Kades. I am originally from a place in the North East of England called Middlesbrough but I now live just down the road in Co. Durham. I am mam to two boys, Kaden and Rowan, and partner to their daddy, Terry. I started hand knitting when I was 6 and I’ll be 42 in April! Before Rowan was born I was designing mainly adult knitting patterns for Let’s Knit! Magazine, a front runner in UK knitting mags. Once Rowan arrived I didn’t have the time it takes to design garments anymore so I took a break from Let’s Knit and started RowRow and Kades instead – mainly because I’m addicted to knitting. Now Rowan is almost 2 years old I am moving back into designing for the magazine but I’m going to do it as well as RowRow and Kades because I love doing both.
So there we are. A very long winded all about me! Nice to meet you. Tell me about you in the comments!
Snowy view from my home

Day 2: Where?

This is the view from my front door looking to the right! I live in a village in the North East UK and we are currently snowed in but it’s so pretty! My little office you saw yesterday is here in this house with this view so… yeh! This is where the knitting magic happens.It doesn’t normally have my neighbours flat pack boxes. They’ve been decorating.

Day 3: How it Started?

My nana taught me to knit when I was 6 years old. This is me (far right) with my nana and my big brother. She only knitted on straight needles but she taught me to make toys. I made one of those dolls with a head at either end instead of legs. It had a long skirt that always covered one of the heads. One face was happy and the other was sad, so I could switch between the two with a whip of her skirt. She was full of holes and dropped stitches and rather miss shaped as a result but I was so proud of my doll. No idea where she is now though ?

Skip forward 30 years and I was still knitting (mostly in secret because I felt it was an old fashioned hobby) and I applied for Let’s Knit! Magazine. My first pattern, Emmeline, was published in September 2012. Such a proud moment for me and I’ve never looked back! Check out the chubby photo of me in that let’s knit mag! I need to send them a new one!

Dragon Egg Bonnet

Day 4: Favourite Make

Mine has to be my Dragon Egg bonnet which was originally a vintage bonnet pattern that I re-wrote for the sizes I needed. I love the stitch pattern and how it overlaps itself. It really does remind me of a dragon egg! I’m really into sci-fi and fantasy so it’s probably another reason I love making it so much.

Photography Layout and props  Flat lay of work in progress

Day 5: Photography

I am no photographer! I have gradually learned what works for me through a lot of trial and error but I really do have the absolute basics when it comes to photos.
You can see from the first photo how the second image was created. I have a piece of wood which I lay on top of my storage cupboard in my office (hence the printer to the far left!). It’s just by the window so I get decent light most days… not today though! I wrap a nice piece of wallpaper around it and keep it taut and place my items on top. After that I used my phone camera which is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (for anyone seriously wondering!) I edit using an app on my phone called Snapseed which I swear by. And that’s it. Nothing fancy here!

Office Space

Day 6: Workspace

I remember sharing this last year and I had a cupboard in my living room with wool and paperwork piled on top. I hadn’t really started my business and it was a mess. Skip a year and I have decorated my spare room to resemble an office! Hooray!
This is were I blog and write newsletters and list my Etsy goodness. It’s also where I pack your orders and write you notes. It’s my little cubby hole and I love it.
I can never show you what is on the other side of the camera though because I share the space with my partner, Terry, and let’s just say it’s not so pretty ?? Boys.

Flat lay of Work in progress and journal

Day 7: Routine

I don’t really have a routine. It’s impossible to stick to it with a toddler. I cram in work where I can and knit most evenings. I write all my plans, ideas and to do let’s in my awesome business planner by @thegirlsmeanbiz (Love it!!) and do my best to keep up to date.
Knitting, planning, planning, doing, knitting. That’s about it!

If you would like your own awesome marketing planner have a look here. This does contain an affiliate link.

Flat lay of pink things

Day 8: Flatlay

We all know I love a good flatlay and March 8th was International Women’s Day so I made a special girly one. Let’s hear it for the girls! Girl power etc… Who run the world?

Flat Lay of Work in progress

Day 9: How it’s Made

I’ve got to admit I did struggle with this photo. It’s tricky to show knitting without actually knitting and I want to save video for a different post later in the month.
Things are usually made with plenty of coffee and chocolate involved.

Mug of coffee and yarn

Day 10: Relax

Ahhh to relax! I don’t get much of that around here. When my toddler naps I use the time to frantically catch up on everything I need to. When he goes to sleep at night, I use that time to focus on what needs to be done. If I’m relaxing then I’m watching Netflix with a cup of something warm and knitting. I can’t watch TV without knitting. So I’m never far from yarn. I am completely addicted to the stuff. Maybe I should get a pet sheep! ???? How do you relax?

RowRow and Kades Logo

Day 11: Logo

I wanted my logo to be simple but elegant. Something that was easy to read and pretty too. I found the text and loved it. The heart was hand drawn for me by the amazing snapclicker
I love my logo. It’s exactly what I wanted. I hope you love it too!

Pretty pink packaging

Day 12: Packaging

I do admit to taking pride in my packaging and it has evolved into something I really love.
Everything is wrapped in pale pink tissue, sealed with my logo heart sticker, and wrapped up in lovely soft string. A thank you card and social media card is attached to the wrapping and it is placed into a plain white box. The box is then sealed up with beautiful sparkly silver tape. Inside the package, the item has a washing instructions card attached to a lovely ribbon.
I wanted the packaging to make the items even more special. To cause a little ahhh when they pop through the letter box. To give joy before the item has even been seen. I hope that it does all those things

Clothes and unicorn slippers

Day 13: Work Clothes

I am very lucky to be able to do this from home and not need any sort of uniform or protective clothing. So my work clothes are whatever I’m wearing that day…and my sleepy unicorn slippers.

So that’s where we are so far on March Meet the Maker. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and getting to know me a little better. To be honest, you deserve a pat on the back for getting this far! If you want to keep up to date with the rest of the meet the maker posts I’ll be posting over the rest of the month, you can see them on my Instagram page or my Facebook page.

See you next week with a guest blog from an Edinburgh dance teacher. Catriona from Cat’s Dance School will be popping by to let you know all about her 5,4,3,2,1 Things. I can’t wait!

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New Baby Hat: Tides Pom Pom Beanie

New Baby Hat: Tides Pom Pom Beanie

Happy Monday everyone!
Here we are again with another blog post, and today I wanted to tell you all about the brand new beanie I have in my Etsy shop, the Tides pom pom beanie.

Circle of 6 colourful beanie hats

Some of you may remember a month or so ago I was asking on Facebook and Instagram whether or not this beanie should have a matching pom pom or a contrasting one. The results were so close! Facebook came back like this:

And Instagram was 50%/50%! So I decided that I would go with the matching pom but offer a contrasting pom pom as an option if requested. I’ve since decided that I like matching the best but don’t tell anyone!

Pink woolly pom pom

The Tides beanie is a cute little hat with a waving pattern running up to the crown. It has eyelets to either side and, although it’s very pretty looking, it is totally unisex too. The brim is ribbed to keep the hat secure and the pom pom at the top is a gloriously large one. You know how much I love a big pom pom!

Close up of lace pattern

Sizes start from newborn and go up in my usual increments; newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months and 2-5 years. I am thinking of adding some bigger sizes to this one as well since it has been so popular already! Maybe an adult version could be in the shop too!

Set of 3 Beanie hats in white, pink and yellow

As always there is a huge choice of colours to choose from. Thirty-six in total! I like to give you options! Currently (at time of writing this) there are some ready to ship options available in the shop. They are the colours listed in the photos above and more will be getting added randomly. So if you don’t have the patience to wait for a made to order one, you can just go ahead and get one that will be shipped the next day.

Three beanies in blue, green and brown

I think that’s all I can tell you about the Tides beanie for now. Thank you to @meekmousemichaela over on Instagram for choosing the name for me! You can order your Tides beanie in my Etsy shop here or go to the ready to ship section of your sizing choice to see if any are available this second!
So anyway, which colour would you have?

Kelly x


Chunky Jo Hat Photoshoot

Chunky Jo Hat Photoshoot

When I first started making baby clothes I knew I should make use of my own child, drag him into the world of modelling for me and make him wear hats, even though he hated it. What a terrible mother! What I didn’t realise was just how much he was going to love it and what a little poser he would become!

Rowan having fun at his photoshoot

Rowan was really small when I started out, and I didn’t actually start taking photos of him until he was already 1 year old. I don’t know why. I just avoided it and thought it would be difficult. I regret that now but I still have the other photos to look back on.

He couldn’t stand unaided when we began so they were all of him sitting on the bed and my partner, Terry, (Rowans Dad) trying to keep him still. I’ve blogged about his wiggling before here! He’s difficult to keep still and get the good shot, but we have a lot of fun chasing him around!

Bouncy Rowan

I recently released a new hat called Chunky Jo. It is a bonnet style hat, knitted in chunky yarn, with a huge pom-pom at the back. I made it in Rowans size first, since I knew I wanted him to wear one. We’ve had it a little while and I’ve taken him on lots of walks to get a few sneaky photos of him, but they just haven’t worked out.

Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to take him out and make it specifically for the hat photos. No distractions, just a walk with mam and dad and wear a hat.

He had the best time!

Rowan running in the fields

We would stand him with Daddy and I would run away. He would have to catch up to me while I was busy taking the photographs. I had so many photos at the end of it that I was spoilt for choice.

Close up of Rowan side on

Rowan in the pathway

Popular photo of Rowan wearing Chunky Jo

One thing that amazes me about it all is that since uploading the photos I’ve had a few comments on the fantastic photography, and the skill I obviously have (!) I saw that the photo had been pinned to photography boards and it seriously blew me away that people thought this was something I was proficient at! I literally crouched on the ground and let me child run to me while I took photos with my phone! But I’m definitely not complaining. A great photo can travel far so I’m thrilled people like them so much!

Rowan running in the fields

So I guess this blog post is really just to show you how much fun Rowan has on photo shoots, and that I’m not a terrible mother dragging my child into slave labour! Also I think we can easily forget that if you use the resources you have, nothing needs to cost you the world. Most things are right there at our fingertips.

Rowan laughing

So I will see you next week with my first guest blogger! Judith from Boy and Bear is kicking off a new monthly post with 5,4,3,2,1 things about her and her business. You’ll have to pop by next Monday to see what it’s all about! See you then!

Kelly x


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FAQ: Sizing

FAQ: Sizing

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is about sizing, esp when it comes to hats. It’s always better to go by the measurement of the hat rather than the size stated. Just because one baby is 2 months old and wears 0-3 month clothing doesn’t mean the next 2 month old is in the same size. They could have already made the jump to 3-6 months or even be in newborn size because they are still a lot smaller.

We are all different and it wouldn’t do for us to be the same.

I know all about sizing issues from experience. Although Kaden travelled along with growing at the same rate the sizes change, Rowan is different. He is currently (at time of writing this) 20 months old. He wears 18-24 month trousers, the correct size for his age, but most of his shirts and t-shirts are 12-18 months and some are 9-12 months. In fact his coat is a 9-12 month. His torso is growing at a slower rate than his legs. I’m sure he’ll catch up with himself but if he doesn’t, he will manage. We all do.

So this sizing issue made me think. I really hate it when a customer buys an item and it doesn’t fit their child correctly. It makes me sad that they have bought something that can’t be used. And although there is obviously a return policy in place, some people don’t want to have to spend the return postage back to me to change things. It’s a wasted expense that could be avoided if the sizing was right.

So here are my tips on sizing. I hope they help in deciding which age range to choose when buying a hat from me.


The first measurement I need for a bonnet is the ear to ear measurement.  Place the tape measure at one earlobe, run it up and over the childs head until you reach the opposite earlobe. Measurements are always more accurate with a smaller unit of length so centimetres are the ideal.

  • newborn = 28cm
  • 0-3 months = 30.5cm
  • 3-6 months = 33cm
  • 6-12 months = 35.5cm
  • 12-24 months = 37cm
  • 2-5 years = 39.5cm

The next size needed is head length. This is taken from the front, centre of the forehead (around where you want the front of the bonnet to sit) and over the head to the crown (the flat part at the back of the head). The measurement must end in the centre of the crown. Again, centimetres are the most accurate for this.

  • newborn =13.5cm
  • 0-3 months = 14cm
  • 3-6 months = 14.5cm
  • 6-12 months = 17.5cm
  • 12-24 = 18cm
  • 2-5 years = 19cm

These are the average sizes but it doesn’t mean your child is exactly this size. If you feel that you can’t pick a size because your child doesn’t fit in with the set sizing them please contact me. I can make items to order which means I can customise them for you child.


Beanies, aviators, ear flap hats etc have a different sizing method. This is basically anything that isn’t a bonnet!

For this style of hat we need the head circumference because this hat travels all the way around the head rather than from ear to ear. Measure at the widest point which is usually around a finger space above your childs eyebrows. Keep the tape snug and bring it all the way around the head and back to your starting position. This should encompass the bottom of the crown at the back of the head, which is the lumpy bit that sticks out.

  • newborn =33 – 35.5cm
  • 0-3 months = 35.5 – 38cm
  • 3-6 months = 38 – 40.5cm
  • 6-12 months = 40.5 – 46cm
  • 12-24 = 46 – 48cm
  • 2-5 years = 48 – 50.5cm

As for the bonnet, I would then need the head length. This is taken from the front, centre of the forehead (around where you want the front of the bonnet to sit) and over the head to the crown (the flat part at the back of the head). The measurement must end in the centre of the crown.

  • newborn =13.5cm
  • 0-3 months = 14cm
  • 3-6 months = 14.5cm
  • 6-12 months = 17.5cm
  • 12-24 = 18cm
  • 2-5 years = 19cm

So there you have it. The measurements needed to get your perfect baby hat. I really do hope this helps when trying to decide what size to get. I am in the process of adding these little graphics and info to all of my Etsy listings, just to make choosing a little easier.

Is there anything else you would like to know about sizing? Did I miss anything? Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Kelly x

The Best Yarn Choices for Sensitive Skin

The Best Yarn Choices for Sensitive Skin

Wool. I love it. I work with it daily. I wear it. I sometimes roll in it when no-ones looking. It is my favourite and I am very lucky. There are some people out there who are sensitive to wool and this makes me sad.

Studies have shown that all fibres can cause a bristly feeling on the skin if the end of the fibre is coarse enough. Like that label in the back of your neck that you just want to cut out. This is not an allergy, it’s an irritant. But with wool, sensitive skin can get a rash ranging from feeling a bit itchy to scabs and blisters everywhere caused by irritant contact dermatitis, and that’s not good.

Everyone is different and even the softest fibres can make some people itch. Unfortunately, the only way of finding out which fibres you can wear is to try them out! So here are my top fibres and yarns that I hope are at least worth a try to those in need of a snuggly jumper.


Merino wool is one of the softest yarns available. Cultivated from merino sheep, this wool has incredible softness and breath-ability, making it ideally gently against the skin. Merino wool doesn’t have the coarse, itchy feel of standard wool because merino fibres are much finer. If you have sensitive skin, you are more likely to get along with merino wool compared to others but be careful since not all yarns that state merino will suit. Two of my favourite merino yarns are Malibrigo worsted, an aran weight slubby yarn, and Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK, a beautifully soft pure merino yarn.

Malabrigo Worsted

Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK


Cashmere is cultivated from the Kashmir goat and is an extremely soft fibre. Cashmere wool is actually the downy wool that grows underneath a Kashmir goat’s coarser exterior hair. The fibres are accomplished by combing the goat instead of clipping it. One goat produces only a few ounces of cashmere per year, which is why it’s so expensive. I have never used a 100% cashmere yarn so I can’t tell you my favourite but I can tell you my favourite cash,ere mix yarns. The first has to be Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which I use in my Etsy shop for some of the baby clothing. It has 55% Wool, 33% Acrylic, 12% Cashmere and is beautifully soft. My second choice would be Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK which has 75% Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 5% Cashmere, taking the acrylic in the Debbie Bliss and replacing it with silk. Just look at the shine!

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK


Alpaca fleece is the natural fibre harvested from an alpaca. It is softer and sturdier than cashmere and lighter than sheep’s wool, making is a luxurious commodity that produces warm, silky, durable and feather-light knit wear. Unlike sheep wool, alpaca doesn’t contain lanolin, which is the natural oil found in sheep wool and a big contributor to wool allergies. My two favourites have to be Mirasol Sulka, I can’t tell you how much I want to snuggle into this yarn! I have worked with it a few times and just love it. It is not 100% alpaca but is 60% Wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% Silk. I hope to bring it into my baby collection in the near future. Rooster Almerino DK is a lovely soft yarn to work with. Very delicate and light with 50% Alpaca, 50% Merino Wool.

Mirasol Sulka

Rooster Almerino DK


Finally I want to add that not all acrylic yarn is bad. Some are soft and as close to wool as it possibly can be. If you truly are completely allergic to all types of natural fibres then trying acrylic could be an option. My favourite 100% acrylic yarn has to be Bernat Satin. It comes in a large range of colours and is beautifully soft against the skin. When I receive a request for acrylic yarn (if a baby’s skin is too sensitive to tolerate any wool fibre, I use Bernat Satin.) Finally, the yarn I use for most of my baby clothing is James C Brett DK with Merino. This yarn is so soft and gently. It also comes in a large range of colours and has a high acrylic content with 70% Acrylic, 20% Polyamide and 10% Merino. I use this because of its softness and it’s machine washing capabilities, which lies with the acrylic.

Bernat Satin

James C Brett DK with Merino

I hope this post helps a little when you are looking for the right yarn against sensitive skin. Do you have any recommendations for other yarns? I would love to hear about them so I can give them a try. I’m always happy to buy more yarn in the aid of science!

Kelly x

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