5,4,3,2,1, Things. Josie Dom (Guest Blog)

5,4,3,2,1, Things. Josie Dom (Guest Blog)

Another month has flown by and it’s time for another 5,4,3,2,1 Things guest blog. This month it is children’s  author Josie Dom. I’m so excited for this one! Over to Josie!


Front cover of Josies book, LumHello!

I’ve only ever written for my own blog before, so it is an honour to be asked to write for RowRow and Kades.  My pen name is Josie Dom and I’ll keep my real name a secret for a little longer – those that know me, know, those that don’t, don’t need to know!  Did you follow that?  Well done!  I love playing with words, and from my love of words and my love for my children my writing career was born.  It all started when I began reading stories to my baby boy, 12 years ago, and my baby girl, 9 years ago.  At the time, I just enjoyed embellishing the stories I read to them, making up rhymes and stories for the fun of it and to entertain my children.  I would create stories at bedtime based on their demands.  Once in a while I would write a story or poem down and squirrel it away with the vague thought of “one day …”.  That one day happened in 2013, when I wrote “Lum” which has become my first published book.  It did take quite a few years though, published in 2016, with my second book due to be published in Summer 2018.

RowRow and Kades asked me to join in with their theme of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it’s a pleasure to share my numbers with you.

5 stories I have written which I hope to publish

Shaughnessy the mouse (sketch)1. My Hero This story has been inspired by my son, who has helped me so much with his (usually) positive outlook and will hopefully make my son, and other children, realise that they don’t have to do anything except “be there” for the people in their lives.

2. Brave Brian is the story of “little Brian” who in his friends’ eyes becomes “brave” when he finds a rhino and returns it to the plains of Africa.  As Brian and his friends live somewhere in the United Kingdom, this was no-mean-feat!

3. Superstitious Shaughnessy and Beeblieboo is all about a mouse called Shaughnessy who is very timid.  Beeblieboo is an alien who has (inadvertently) stolen Shaughnessy’s favourite stone.  Their story tells of how Shaughnessy overcomes his fears and becomes friends with the alien.  I’m hoping that Shaughnessy and Beeblieboo will go on to have lots more adventures together.  Years ago, when my husband (who is now my illustrator for the Lum stories) was a teenager, he created a mouse and I might just have created a name and a story for him now.

4. Taxi Driver is a series of stories, which I’ve written in both rhyme and prose but cannot decide which I like the most.  The taxi driver in the story has a magical car which can take him to amazing places where he has lots of adventures.  He’s been on adventures with a witch, a spaceman, a farmer and visited such places as the moon, a zoo, the jungle and a chocolate factory.

5. Why …? is another series of stories, this time based on nursery rhymes which we all know and love.  There is Why Were There Ten In The Bed?, Why Did The Cow Jump Over The Moon?, Why Is Wednesday’s Child Full of Woe?, and Why Did Goosey Goosey Gander Throw a Man Down The Stairs?  The main character in the stories is an Investigative Journalist (you don’t get many of those in children’s picture books!) who spends time researching these quandaries and reporting them to children.  If you have a nursery rhyme that you want investigated, do let me know.

4 children’s books I loved when I was young

1. Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne – well he’s everyone’s favourite bear, isn’t he?  As well as still having my book from my own childhood, I also have now bought quite a few Winnie the Pooh books for my children.  We’ve even got the first stories on CD, and regularly have those playing at bedtime to lull my daughter to sleep – it works for me too!

2. The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton – I was such a big Enid Blyton fan, moving on from these to The Famous Five and then Mallory Towers, all of which I read avidly and loved.  But my Enid journey started with The Magic Faraway Tree.  When I had my own children, I genuinely thought I had imagined these stories in my childhood until one day came across one in a charity shop and the stories came flooding back to me.  Needless to say, I bought the book, and have since bought the whole series.  I’m on the look out for The Mallory Towers books now as it would delight me if my daughter loves them as much as I did, and will give me the chance to read them again.

3. Richard Scarry’s Best Rainy Day Book Ever – if you ever had a Richard Scarry book you’ll remember the cute animals going about their busy lives.  This book was actually an activity book, but it was so precious to me I don’t think I ever wrote or drew in it.

4. Hilda Boswell’s Treasury of Poetry was given to me as a gift.  The illustrations are whimsically beautiful and I think that is what drew me to love this book.  I would read and re-read the poetry and daydream over the picturesIn fact, in the writing of this blog, I found a second-hand copy of this favourite online and ordered it straight away.  I’ll be having my own little nostalgia-fest when it arrives.

3 people I am proud of

Josie's husband and children 1. My husband who has supported me by illustrating my books and allowing me time to pursue this new career.

2. My son who tells me he is proud of my stories and doesn’t mind sharing them with his friends – he even asked his teacher if I could read to his class when he was in Year 5 and really they were all too old for Lum.

3. My daughter who loves every single story and poem I write and takes after me in her love of books and writing.  I think she’ll become an author, in her spare time of course, as she firstly wants to be an archaeologist.


2 schools I would love to visit

1. Holy Trinity in Halstead, which was my primary school many years ago.

2. Soaring High Montessori in Coggeshall, as I am interested in seeing this teaching style in practice.

1 reason I am doing this

1. I wanted to be able to help others and for this reason, 15% of profit from every book sold is donated to charity.  My first donation was made in January 2018: £229.37 to Brainwave, who help children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence by aiming to improve mobility, communication skills and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies.  More details can be found on brainwave.org.uk.

As well as publishing my children’s stories, I also go to primary schools for author visits, which can either be in the form of reading stories and doing activities based around the story, or alternatively in the form of “Imagination & Creation” storytelling workshops.  If you’d like to find out more about me, please get in touch via Facebook or my website.  I’m also occasionally on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (but really only just getting to grips with these social media channels, so please bear with me).

Spring / Summer Rep 2018 Announced!

Spring / Summer Rep 2018 Announced!

Just a quick post today since I am super busy knitting things for my brand new reps! Hooray!
Some of you might have known already that I have been advertising for a couple of mini reps to help me promote my Spring / Summer ’18 range. I have been posting this little picture about to entice people!
Rep Search Advertisement Graphic

It happened to work and I got lots of people entering their super cute babies and toddlers to help me out!

In face, it worked a little too well as I was completely spoilt for choice when it came down to picking and I had to really nit pick to choose my final three. It’s not something I’m very good at, telling people that, although their baby is absolutely beautiful, I can’t use them this time around. I hate letting people down. But I put my business woman head on, roped in my partner, Terry (who can be pretty brutal when he wants to be) and narrowed them down to this lovely few.

Cute photo of Makayla, a baby from New Zealand

One of my first choices was Makayla. She is 5 months old and lives all the way in New Zealand. This scared me at first. I’ve shipped to NZ before and it takes almost a month from the UK. They must send things there in a rowing boat! But she is so cute and beautiful that I couldn’t resist. I’m working on a few things for her now since she will have the longest wait for them. I’m so excited to see her in the items! You can see more of Makayla on her mum’s instagram @Ophelia_kkkk

Cute photo of baby in the bath

Next up we have Lennon, a 4 month old from the UK. What a total sweetie he is! I have so many plans on things to make him that I don’t know where to start! I have to find the perfect colours to set off his big eyes and gorgeous smile! You can find him on his mums account @_jadebowden

Photo of toddler Rose on a bench

Finally we have Rose. Rose was entered with her twin brother Frazer. They are both so cute and I was gutted that I had no spot for Frazer to fill. I have a new design especially for someone like Rose though, so she needed to be on board. She is very beautiful and cute to boot. You can find her on instagram @little_Rose_buds_big_life or with her brother @Frazer_and_Rose

I am knitting day and night to get these guys some items to wear so keep checking back and hopefully you’ll see some new things very soon!

See you next week x

5,4,3,2,1 Things. True Love Keepsakes (Guest Blog)

5,4,3,2,1 Things. True Love Keepsakes (Guest Blog)

I can’t believe we are already in May! This year seems to be ticking over quickly and it’s already time for another guest blog! This time from Loretta at True Love Keepsakes. Loretta makes beautiful customised jewellery with fingerprints and hand stamps etc. I’ll leave it to her to tell you all about it.

I’m delighted to be a guest blog on for the lovely RowRow and Kades, thanks for having me as part of their 5,4,3,2,1 Guest blogs!

Loretta of True Love KeepsakesHi, my name is Loretta and I’m the owner of True Love Keepsakes, a business I’ve been running now since 2014!

I’m a Londoner born and bred but moved to Birmingham almost 11 years ago for Love. I fell in love my Brummie, called Richard, who was already a Dad at the time to an almost six year old little boy called Joshua who lived with Richard full time. I couldn’t ask Richard to uproot his son from his family, school and familiar surroundings to come and live with me in London so I took the plunge, left my job as a teacher in a Primary School, found another teaching job in Birmingham and in the Summer of 2007 made the move up to the second city.

Fast forward to 2018, I can say I’m pretty settled in this city now and this is home to me especially after giving birth to my son in 2011, this is now his home too and this city has captured my heart.

My 5,4,3,2,1 Things are based on some info about me and my business, they’re in no particular order but all are important to me!

Cuff links with baby hand and feet prints

5: One of My Biggest Achievements

Graduating with a 2:1 honours degree in Fashion Design with Business in 2000. I was so proud that three years of studying had paid off. I ventured straight away into the world of fashion and beauty, working for two PR companies in London’s West End, before realising it wasn’t for me and I needed to do something that I enjoyed doing every day. I left that industry, took a two week placement in a school, loved it and went on to study a Post Graduate in Primary Education, became a Primary Teacher and as they say, ‘the rest is history!’

Necklace with 3 hearts

4: Becoming a Teacher

I can remember my first official day as a Newly Qualified Teacher, walking into my Reception class to be greeted by 30 small faces staring back at you waiting on your every word and relying on you to give them the best start to their education. It was nerve wracking to say the least, I soon got used to it and 13 years later, I still love this job which I now do as a Supply Teacher whilst growing my business.

Presentation Box with Keepsake jewellery inside

3: Becoming a Mum

I had been Step-Mum a number of years before deciding to have a child but nothing prepares you for this wonderful experience and journey. It is by far the most challenging thing I’ve had to do and at the same time the most rewarding. There truly are no words to describe the immense love, sense of protection and responsibility you feel when you bring a little person into this world. It truly changes you as a person and you see the world with a different set of eyes, everything you do, you have your child at the forefront of your thoughts, their presence never leaves you.

Selection of Keepsake Jewellery

2: Why Keepsakes?

Well, my son is my one and only and when he was a baby, being a first time Mum, I was so surprised of the changes I would see on a weekly basis, his growth, his facial changes, his overall development seemed to happen at lightning speed!! I sometimes would wish I could stop the hands of time just to savour that moment that detail, that first smile, those tiny, perfect fingers, those cute feet. I took lots of photos and prints of his hands and feet to preserve those memories as much as possible. In 2013 after spending a year returning back to full time teaching, I decided to leave as I felt that something had to change. I was desperate to spend more time with my son, he was growing and changing so quickly I felt that the time and effort I was putting in at my job was at the expense of being the Mum I really wanted to be for my son. After doing a lot of research into franchises not liking the huge financial commitments, I was lucky to come across The Keepsake Association which I am now a proud member of. I trained in Fine Silver Keepsakes and The Keepsake Association gave me a huge amount of support to launch my business and still offer me business support to this very day. I can now say I am the proud owner of chains and bracelets, containing the precious prints of my son’s fingerprint, handprints and footprints, something that I can treasure forever.

Fingerprint Heart

1:What’s behind the name?

I chose True Love Keepsakes as my company name because having a child made me realise what True Love really is; what it really feels like and what is means. I, like all parents, love their children deeply, we care and raise them with so much passion and determination to do right for them so that they can have the best life possible. Creating precious memories for other parents is what I’m passionate about, knowing that I can create something so that they have a piece of their children with them always, is what drives me to continue growing my business.

Thank you so much to Loretta for her guest blog. Her love for her son shines through so much!

You can find Loretta and True Love Keepsakes on Facebook, Instagram, or her own website.

Logo and Keepsake charms

Feya Pixie Bonnet

Feya Pixie Bonnet

A few months ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to knit items for my shop that had been designed by someone else. I wanted the shop to be purely from my brain (and heart!) Not that there is anything wrong with the patterns from other people. It’s just that other shops can stock those items. Anyone can knit them up for you. I want RowRow and Kades to be a bit more special.
Since that decision, I’ve been working hard on new designs to fill some empty spots.

First there was Chunky Jo, the woolly winter bonnet with huge pom pom. Then I created the Tides Beanie. That lovely lace work spiralling up to the pom pom on top.

Chunky Jo Pom Pom Bonnet
Chunky Jo
Tides Beanie Hat
Tides Beanie









Now, I’m bringing you the Feya Pixie Bonnet.

Feya Pixie Bonnet

“Feya” means “Pixie” in Russian (if I am to believe google translate!) It is knitted in a very beautiful cashmere blended yarn and feels soft to the touch. It is a lightweight hat, ideal for a cool Spring/Summers Day, and is suitable for boys and girls alike.

Pixie Hat in cashmere yarn

I’ve been wanting to design a pixie hat for a while but just hadn’t gotten around to doing it, but I am so happy with this. The little diamond edging is just right to set it off from other pixie hats and I’ve already got plans to use it in other items in the future.

This bonnet has little i-cord ties (30 cms in length) to fasten the bonnet under your little ones chin and keep it in place. I actually ran a vote for this on my instagram stories, and although a few people voted for a button under the chin, the majority wanted me to work harder than that and knit ties!

Pink Pixie Hat and Flowers

I have knitted two so far, the gorgeous blue one, which was my prototype, and the pink one above. The blue is called Mallard and is such a stunning colour. I had used it in lots of photos in the run up to releasing the hat so I decided to make a really girly one to show the contrast. The Baby Pink did it so much justice and I can’t wait to see what other colours I get to knit this in.

If you are a knitter, the pattern is being written up and will be released as as possible along with all my others. I will be selling them on my Etsy page as soon as I can get them all down!

Pink Pixie Bonnet with Flowers

So what do you think of Feya? Do you like the pixie hat style or would you prefer this to be a simple bonnet or even a beanie? It’s all possible and all coming soon! Are you Russian and can you tell me if it’s a true translation?!
Feya is available from my Etsy shop in sizes newborn up to 2-5 years. It is £26 plus p&p.

Rowan wearing the Pixie Bonnet

Rowan posed in it for me and was very good! He’s getting to be such a great little model these days!

Talking of Rowan, just before I go, it was his 2nd birthday yesterday and he had such a lovely time! Where do the years go?

Until next time!

Kelly x

Subscription Graphic



Top 30 Baby Names of 2018 (so far)

Top 30 Baby Names of 2018 (so far)

Choosing a name for your little one can be hard. Whether you start brainstorming from the minute you find out you are pregnant, or if you leave it right up until the delivery day, just knowing that you get one shot at getting it right makes it feel almost impossible.

Let’s take a look at the top 30 names of 2018 so far.

30. Liam – Boys name. The meaning of the name Liam is Strong-willed Warrior. Liam is of Irish origin.

29. Emma – Girls name. The meaning of the name Emma is Universal. Emma is of Latin origin.

28. Noah – Unisex name. The meaning of the name Noah is Rest, Peace. Noah is of Hebrew origin.

27. Olivia – Girls name. The meaning of the name Olivia is Ancestor’s Descendant. Olivia is of English origin.

26. Oliver – Boys name. The meaning of the name Oliver is Descendant Of The Ancestor. Oliver is English origin.

Sleeping Baby

25. Ava – Girls name. The meaning of the name Ava is Like A Bird. Ava is of Latin origin.

24. Logan – Unisex name. The meaning of the name Logan is From The Hollow. Logan is of Irish origin.

23. Isabella – The meaning of the name Isabella is God Is My Oath. Isabella is of Italian origin.

22. Mason – Unisex name. The meaning of the name Mason is Stone Worker, Brick Layer. Mason is of French origin.

21. Sophia – Girls name. The meaning of the name Sophia is Wisdom. Sophia is of Greek origin.

Beautiful baby on a rug

20. Elijah – Boys name. The meaning of the name Elijah is The Lord Is My God. Elijah is of Hebrew origin.

19. Mia – Girls name. The meaning of the name Mia is Of The Sea Or Bitter. Mia is of Scandinavian origin.

18. Lucas – Boys name. The meaning of the name Lucas is From Lucania. Lucas is of Greek origin.

17. Amelia – Girls name. The meaning of the name Amelia is Work. Amelia is of Latin origin.

16. Ethan – Boys name. The meaning of the name Ethan is Firm, Strong. Ethan is of Hebrew origin.

Cool dude baby boy

15. Harper – Unisex name. The meaning of the name Harper is Harp Player. Harper is of English origin.

14. Aiden – Boys name. The meaning of the name Aiden is Little Fire. Aiden is of Irish origin.

13. Charlotte – Girls name. The meaning of the name Charlotte is Free. Charlotte is of English origin.

12. James – Unisex name. The meaning of the name James is Supplanter. James is of Hebrew origin.

11. Mila – Girls name. The meaning of the name Mila is People’s Favor. Mila is of Slavic origin.

Sleeping baby

10. Carter – Unisex name. The meaning of the name Carter is Driver Of A Cart. Carter is of English origin.

9. Aria – Girls name. The meaning of the name Aria is Solo Melody. Aria is of Italian origin.

8. Alexander – Boys name. The meaning of the name Alexander is Defender Of The People. Alexander is of Greek origin.

7. Ella – Girls name. The meaning of the name Ella is Young Girl. Ella is of Spanish origin.

6. Jacob – Boys name. The meaning of the name Jacob is Supplanter. Jacob is of Hebrew origin.

Gorgeous baby boy

5. Avery – Unisex name. The meaning of the name Avery is Elf Ruler. Avery is of English origin.

4. Sebastian – Boys name. The meaning of the name Sebastian is Venerable. Sebastian is of Greek origin.

3. Layla – Girls name. The meaning of the name Layla is Night, Black. Layla is of Arabic origin.

2. Michael – Boys name. The meaning of the name Michael is Who Is Like God?. Michael is of Hebrew origin.

1. Zoey – Girls name. The meaning of the name Zoey is Life. Zoey is of Greek origin.

What is your favourite name for your baby? Or what did you name your child/ren? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Until next time!

Kelly x

5,4,3,2,1,Things; The Crafty Bear (Guest Blog)

5,4,3,2,1,Things; The Crafty Bear (Guest Blog)

Another month has gone by, in fact, almost two have hurried past, since my last guest blog post from Cat at Cat’s Dance School based in Edinburgh. This month we have Sarah from The Crafty Bear telling us all about her 5,4,3,2,1, Things. Over to Sarah.

Hi I’m Sarah, the mamma bear behind The Crafty Bear, a small business lovingly crafting gifts and keepsakes. Most of my items are new baby gifts or nursery décor items but I also create items for weddings and for grown-ups. I live in County Durham with my husband and 4 year old daughter, who thinks my craft room is “our craft room” and loves to come in and “work with Mummy”. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5 Inspirations

Seaside theme nursery letters in red, brown and white1. My biggest inspiration is my customers. Most of my items are custom made and I love the whole process of getting the initial order, creating design ideas and then crafting the perfect item just for them. Probably my most challenging brief to date was a seaside themed set of nursery letters – but in dark red, brown and white. I think the finished piece is one of my favourites.

2. My daughter is a massive inspiration for me in everything I do. She is our baby bear and the inspiration behind my name – The Crafty Bear.

3. I also take inspiration from what is going on in my own life. I’ll often create something for us that then becomes a product that I offer in my Etsy store, such as my hair accessory organisers that came about from my own need to store my daughters many, many hair clips!

4. I love the outdoors and we can often be found at the beach or in the garden. I am currently dreaming of warmer weather and working on a beach themed collection.

5. My fifth inspiration would have to be a bit of sparkle. I’ll add it to any design that I can!

4 Tools I Love To Use

Hair Accessory Organisers by The Crafty Bear1. Three years ago my husband bought me a Silhouette Portrait Cutting Machine for my birthday and it quickly became my new favourite toy! It has allowed me to do so much more with my business and there are very few projects where I do not use it in some way.

2. My other key tools are my paint brushes. I’m a bit obsessed with buying new ones.

3. As part of my business I run local craft workshops and recently found some amazing plastic boxes with lots of compartments and lift out trays. They have made setting up for each workshop and transporting all my bits and pieces so much easier.

4. My fourth tool I love to use would have to be my camera. Essential for sharing design ideas with customers to ensure they get the perfect pieces.

3 Things That Make My Work Unique

Wooden Letters for Nursery Decor1. The biggest thing that makes my work unique is you. Nearly all my items are bespoke with my biggest sellers being my nursery letters. Each set is made to order to a unique brief. Briefs to date have included owls, hot air balloons, space, Greek Gods, woodlands, cars, seaside, nautical and American sports.

2. The other big think that makes my work unique is me. When you buy from The Crafty Bear you will only be contacted by me and I will make your items for you. My relationship with my customers is key to my success.

3. The final thing that makes my work unique is the wide variety of items I can create using the same design and craft skills and my trusty Silhouette Portrait. My Etsy shop contains nursery letters, hair accessory organisers, jewellery organisers, weight loss boards, decorative letters, box frames, wedding décor, children’s drink bottles and wine glasses.

2 Mistakes I’ve Made In The Past

Childrens Party Bottles1. It took me some time to find my thing. I knew I wanted to run my own business and started off as complementary health practitioner. I started making gemstone jewellery as a spin off from this and then wedding jewellery before The Crafty Bear evolved into what it is today. I enjoyed what I was doing but the business never took off. Now I have found the thing I love and The Crafty Bear is going from strength to strength.

2. The biggest mistake I have made on an item was on a princess castle hair accessory organiser. I forgot to drill the holes in to attach it to the wall before I started. I had finished making the piece and was packaging it up to post when I luckily realised. But in my haste to drill the holes I didn’t support the item properly and snapped the turret off the castle. Cue a very embarrassing and apologetic email to my customer and having to start the order from scratch. I won’t be making that mistake again. I hope!

1 Project I Am Proud Of

1. The project I am most proud of came from a repeat customer. I had made her a set of nursery letters for her own child and several years later she came back to me with a request for a single white letter with a bluebell design. It was only after I sent the item to her that she told me it was a memorial item for a friend who had lost her daughter. I felt really honoured to be trusted with such a special item and I truly hope that it has bought some small amount of comfort to her friend.

It’s been a pleasure writing this guest blog for RowRow and Kades as it has allowed me to really think about what I do and why and reminded me just how lucky I am to be able to do something that I truly love.

The Crafty Bear Logo

Thank you so much to Sarah for her list of 5,4,3,2,1 Things! I am loving those wooden letters!

You can find Sarah on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

Next month we have Loretta from True Love Keepsakes popping by!

See you soon x

Top 5 Customer Photos – Jan – Mar 2018

Top 5 Customer Photos – Jan – Mar 2018

Three months ago I showed you the top 5 photos I had received from customers of their little ones wearing a RowRow and Kades item. I wanted to do a quarterly post for this, and it’s that time already! I seriously can’t believe we are close to the end of April already! Please be aware that the links in this post will take you to the product in my Etsy shop.
Anyway, enough of that…here we go with the cute babies!

Baby wearing Powder Blue Aviator Hat

This first one is the second photo I’ve had sent to me of this little fella. The first photo I had was when he was only a few weeks old and wearing his Aviator Hat. It was slightly too big for him and had lots of growing room. His mum sent me this updated version a few weeks later. How cute is he! All filled out with his chubby cheeks and wearing that aviator so well! Gorgeous!

Little girl with teddy and butterfly bonnet

This little girl loves her Butterfly Bonnet! She wears it so much that I have more photos of her than any other customer! Her mum always posts them on Instagram and tags me so I can see and I love it! It seriously makes my day to see her getting so much use out of something I made for her. She is super cute too!

Little Girl in her Ophelia Bonnet

I love the rustic feel to this photo. It’s almost like it was taken years in the past! This little girl is a returning customer. She also owns a Butterfly bonnet but she came back for an Ophelia Bonnet. It looks so beautiful on her and her styling is just perfect!

Little Girl in her Dragon Egg Bonnet

Love this photo of this little girl wearing her Dragon Egg Bonnet in Cranberry. She is posing so lovely! Showing us the side of the bonnet where all that gorgeous pattern is shown off. Super model in the making!

Little boy on a bed in a Butterfly bonnet

Last, but by no means least, is Roma in his Butterfly Bonnet. Roma’s first bonnet was a little tight on him, so his mum sent it back for a resize and now it fits just perfectly. I love making sure the bonnets are right for your child. Look how much he suits this!

So there we are for another quarter. I’m really looking forward to seeing what gorgeous photos my customers send to me over the next 3 months!

March Meet the Maker pt 2

March Meet the Maker pt 2

Last month I participated in the wonderful March Meet The Maker challenge. I blogged about the first half of the challenge here, telling you what it was all about and my posts for the start of the month.

This blog is all about the second half of the month since I still want to share it with you but a blog post a day is a bit too much for me to handle. Here is the remainder of March Meet the Maker:

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

Quote and bout getting your dreams to reality

Day 14: Dreams and Plans

I don’t know where this quote came from but it says it all really. My dreams are to make my little hobby something I can be proud of and my plans are to work hard and make it happen. Watch this space…

Day 15: Boomerang

Boomerang is an app which takes a 3 second video and loops it. It’s lots of fun, so if you haven’t used it before, please have a go. It’s completely free.

Just look how yarn and I magnetise together! We are meant to be! Soul mates. I love yarn and yarn loves me.
I love a good boomerang.

Rowan giggling

Day 16: Helper

I have 2 main helpers, soon to be 3 since Kaden will be helping out too, but that bit’s a secret.
Rowan is my mini helper. He models the boys and the unisex things for me and tries most things on in his size to make sure I’ve got it right. He loves it and prefers to wear a hat most days now!
Terry my partner

My other helper is Terry. Not only is he an excellent father to our children, he watches them while I get my job’s done, cooks all my meals (he’s a much better chef than me!) and listens to my moaning about a knitting equation I can’t work out or a yarn I’m using that’s not doing what it should, even though he hasn’t got a clue what I’m on about.
I couldn’t do this without them.
Next year, when I do this again, Kaden will be on the list but I’ve already told you, that’s a secret! ?

A customer photo of a little girl in her bonnet

Day 17: Customers & Feedback

My customers are always so wonderful, esp the ones that share their photos with me! Nothing makes my day more than seeing my knitwear out there being loved and used.
I also get truly amazing feedback which I appreciate more than I can say. People tend to forget to leave feedback so everytime someone writes some for me I am completely over the moon.
There are a few of my wonderful reviews at the bottom of this post, but first, look at this gorgeous customer photo of her daughter wearing her Ophelia Bonnet. Just classic and beautiful.


My stitch bibles, beautiful flowers and yarn

Day 18: Inspiration

I get inspired by so many things but I selected a couple today for the photo.
My stitch bibles are huge inspiration. I see a pattern and know what I want to do with it straight away. The problem is there are just so many!
Nature inspires me so much. The colours and shapes of flowers and trees and just everything. Even down to which colours look good together. Nature is so beautiful. How could you not be inspired?
The other thing is yarn. Sometime I see yarn and just know what it needs to become. Some yarn is just meant to be a pretty hat or a manly jumper!
I am also inspired by other designers. They spur me on, make me think differently, make me see colours in an unusual way.
So now it’s your turn. What inspires you?

Lots of yarn, coffee and my planner

Day 19: Can’t Live Without

Yarn!!!! Omg can you imagine a world without yarn! ?
Coffee and my planner come a very close second. I NEED coffee esp in the morning to wake me up and the planner keeps me present and correct.
That being said, I obviously couldn’t live without my two children and my partner!
But no yarn though… ?
What would you struggle to live without?

A selection of knitting tools

Day 20: Tools and Materials

Here are a few of mine. I never realised before that it’s mostly pink and blue!

My sketches and planner

Day 22: Sketchbook & Lists

I don’t have a sketchbook really. I usually use scraps of paper and keep them in a little box. These three are my sketches for the popular butterfly bonnet, my tides beanie and my honeycomb bonnet which is also in progress in the bottom left.
As for lists! I have so many! But my main list is in my awesome planner. That book is the only thing that keeps my head straight! Honestly.

Day 23: Hands at Work

This is me knitting a new hat I’m working on. I find the clicking of the needles quite soothing so I’ve left the sound on.


Lets Knit magazine with yarn and flowers

Day 24: Achievements

I was a bit worried about this one, thinking I haven’t really won any awards, I don’t have thousands of followers…ahh what have I achieved?!
But then I thought about it a bit longer. I haven’t been doing this for long. The knitting, I’ve been doing that for years, but rowrow and kades is new. It’s still learning and growing and finding its little newborn feet.
Before it I was designing patterns, mainly for Let’s Knit. I have a design in every magazine in this photo and that’s not even half of them. Those are just a selection with one of my designs on the cover. I sometimes forget that I can do that part of this job. I automatically start knitting a new design without even realising that I am creating something new from my brain, that doesn’t already exist in the world. It’s an achievement to remember that! I am hard on myself. Brutally sometimes. I need reminding of the things I’ve achieved. That’s another reason I love meet the maker. It forces you to think a little harder and not plod on with the day to day.

Honeycomb Bonnet with tulips

Day 25: Being a Maker Means…

It means being there for my boys when I’m needed. It means letting my brain think up lovely things and being able to get that to appear in real life with some woolly string and two sticks. It means freedom to be my own boss and do something I truly love. It gives me so much joy so see something I thought up being worn by someone else. I love being a maker.

Knitting books, yarn bowl and wip

Day 26: Books, Blogs and Podcasts

I used to read a great deal. It was when I went to bed at night mainly. I would read Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. But since having a toddler that time has past. Now when I go to bed I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. Toddlers are exhausting.
The main books I have for knitting are my beloved and well worn stitch bibles.
I also used to read lots of blogs, but again, not so much. I dip in and out of blogs like Lauren Aston Designs and MollieMakes but I’m not religious with them. I tend to read a lot of the Handmade Seller Magazine which I pay a subscription for. It’s a fantastic resource.
Podcasts… I just haven’t got on that band wagon yet. I might flag a lift next time it passes.

Craft kit by Makeyourownhappyuk

Day 27 : Recommended a Maker

I would like to recommend a few makers today. I’ve met so many wonderful people since doing this challenge but my first shout out goes to Donna at Make Your Own Happy She is just starting out and doing a marvellous job making lots of craft kits for every occasion, from Easter to Halloween, she’ll have a kit for your kids or you to do. All while entertaining her daughter!

My second shout out goes to Lisa Green Designs who makes beautiful bunting from fabric that she has designed herself! Amazing talent and beautiful work.

Lastly I’d like to mention Jane Burns, a fantastic knitting and crochet pattern designer who thinks up the most amazing things from her brain! Jane designs everything from kids tops to cushions to Christmas door stops. And awesome socks too.

So there are my 3 recommend makers. I hope you click through and visit their pages to see how brilliant they all are.

My awesome planner

Day 28: Organised

I hear a “dun dun dun dunnn!” here because it should really say “unorganised”. In fact, I wasn’t even organised enough to know what I would be uploading to my grid today.
However! I do much better in my organisation since getting my awesome planner because it literally saves my life. Daily. I don’t know how I managed before it. It has sections for my day to day, my social media, my in comings and out goings and generally keeps me on my toes with little tasks to do. An amazing piece of kit I am so happy I own.
Other than that, I have a drawer unit in my living room dedicated to yarn, plus the cupboard that stores our towels has an extra shelf and floor space for more yarn ? It’s organised into type as in, this is the yarn I use for these patterns and orders etc. I know where stuff is. Mostly. My desk is kinda tidy….

Ophelia bonnet with flowers

Day 29: Community

This is a tough one. My own personal community is all online. I’m quite shy in real life – although people who know me would disagree with that because I’ve got pretty good at hiding it. I don’t go to craft groups or knit and natters because I’d be paralysed trying to get through the door. I know it’s silly but I just can’t. So instead, I have my knits and natters online.
I have a couple of communities there. My Kelly Menzies Designs group on Ravelry, and my RowRow and Kades Wool Baa on facebook. Come and join either of them, you would be so so welcome to join us whether you are a knitter or a wearer!
Instagram has also become a lovely community for me. I have lots of lovely messages from customers and fellow crafter’s and it’s such a wonderfully supportive place.

Charge what you are worth and don't apologise for it

Day 30: Top Tip/Advice

This is my advice to anyone starting out and selling their craft. Seriously. Charge what you are worth and don’t apologise. I see so many crafter’s selling their makes for next to nothing and it drives me mad. There is nothing worse than seeing someone undervaluing their art. I used to do it and now I have learned. My prices are calculated by how long it takes me to make the item plus material costs. No extras. As much as I love my customers I cannot work for free. They must pay for my time. Otherwise I would just knit all the beautiful things for me and my little family but where is the fun in that? I love what I do, but it is for a reason.
If you are a crafter wanting to sell your goods, please, at the very least, charge an hourly rate. You wouldn’t go to work and expect to sit for hours toiling at your job for free.

Lots of pom pom hats all in a row

Day 31: Creative Friends

Well, truthfully, I have zero creative friends in my actual reality. None. I would love to have a pal to knit with, but sadly, I don’t know anyone who is crafty inclined. All of my crafty chats and people who get what I’m going on about (esp when I talk about rolling about in lots of yarn!) are all online. I’m not going to start listing them all. They know who they are. My little tribe of knitters. One day, I will get the guts to walk through the door of a knit and natter, but I will always chat to my online buds ?

Lastly, here are the lovely customer reviews I chose to include in my March Meet the Maker post:

So that’s it. March Meet the Maker is over and we are now heading off into April. I hope you have enjoyed reading all about my little knitting venture and I would love to hear more about you in the comments below.

Kelly x


5,4,3,2,1 Things; Cat’s Dance School (Guest Blog)

5,4,3,2,1 Things; Cat’s Dance School (Guest Blog)

Hello everyone! It’s been a whole month since my first guest blog from Boy and Bear and now it’s time for the next one! This month, the very lovely Catriona from Cat’s Dance School popped by to tell me all about her 5,4,3,2,1 Things. Over to Cat…

Cutting the Cake, wedding photoHi, I’m Catriona aka Cat from Cat’s Dance School, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Whilst I did go to dance college and train to be a dancer and dance teacher my education and career are a little more complicated than that…well why do the same as everyone else?!
I have a Royal Academy of Dance, Dance Teaching Diploma and Registered Teacher status (Ballet) and was one of the last people to get to train for the Teaching Diploma. I also have an Associate Teacher qualification with The Imperial Society of Teacher of Dance (Modern and Tap). However, I then decided to have a slight career change and train to be a Primary School Teacher but decided to get a degree and then do the PGDE Primary Teaching as this would take one year less to achieve (big skiver I know!). So, I studied Events Management, because who doesn’t want to be a wedding planner, then the PGDE.
Catrionas DaughtersSo, basically I can plan and manage your wedding, teach you a wedding dance and then educate your children until they are 14, whilst teaching them dance!! Oh and I recently completed NHS breastfeeding peer support training and can support you on your breastfeeding journey if that is what you choose!

Meanwhile, I met the boy of my dreams (yes my husband is 9 years younger than me but tells me he keeps waiting for me to prove that I’m the grownup!), got married and we have a bump due April when our two daughters will be 3 and a half and two!! Who needs sleep…it’s overrated anyway!

So, here are my 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things:

5 Inspirations

1. My mum and dad are my biggest inspiration. They always encouraged me to follow my dreams whilst thinking about the realities of how I might sustain myself. I am trying so hard to be the kind of parents they have been to me by teaching my children how to fail and how to pick yourself up and try again or find a new path when unsuccessful.
As a dancer I was never your typical ballerina figure, nor did I have the ideal feet for it, but that did not stop me achieving my dream of becoming a Royal Academy of Dance, Dance Teacher. My parents were there behind me every step of the way and I don’t think I’ve thanked them enough, so thank you mum and dad from the bottom of my heart.

Catrionas Daughters2. My beautiful girls inspire me with their own brand of crazy! They fill our lives with such fun and madness that I wouldn’t change for the world. They are the reason I get up in the morning and stay up so late working on the businesses. If they’re not stripping at the window to sunbathe naked then they can probably be found climbing in or up something they really shouldn’t be!

3. Callum (my poor husband) inspires me every day with his ability to put up with my nonsense!! He has definitely learned the art of selective hearing but when I need to sound something out he is there for me. He is a self-employed electrician and is such a proud daddy to his two girls. He inspires me with his ability to be such a friendly and approachable electrician when he’s always telling me he hates people and is a self-confessed hermit!

Dancers at the Bar4. My dancers are a constant source of inspiration. Currently I have sixteen year olds who are nearly ready to sit their Advanced 1 Tap and Modern exams. This is a big deal as these are the equivalent of second year of dance college and they are only attending dance classes part time. I also get inspired by the teeniest dancers who have the biggest imagination and sense of awe and really get involved in the imaginative dances we do. I get such immense satisfaction from teaching all my dancers from the babies to the horrible teenagers (they know I love them really)!

5. Last but not least, I’m inspired by other working mums who run businesses from home. It amazes me how creative and productive other work from home mums can be. However, those mums that have immaculate homes with no giant pile of washing and dishes freak me out…I mean who has time to be fastidious and awesome mums, business owners and wives?! I’m a firm believer in piles! It’s like to do lists which are my other favourite!
I have recently found a really supportive online group of entrepreneurs and it inspires me how there is always someone online to give moral support or advice when needed. I really get inspired by women building up women. This is how it should be, I think, not this trend of trolling and ripping other women for their choices.

4 Tools That I Love To Use

1. I am definitely about to show my age but OMG I love digital music because when I started dance teaching I seriously used to humph around a huge bag with a CD player and a big case of CDs! At one point I had a wheeled suitcase with my boom box and another bag with books, shoes and CDs. Now I have my little speakers that are so loud and an ipod or my phone for music. How life has changed…yes I am getting old.

Pointe Shoes - pexels.com
Photo credit: Pexels.com

2. Pointe shoes are still one of my favourite tools of the Ballet trade. I’m so glad that I don’t need to wear them anymore but I love getting to train young dancers how to use theirs and dance through the pain! Pointe shoes are a feat of engineering and if you ever have a spare moment to google how pointe shoes are made I’m sure you’ll be as amazed as me too. I do miss getting to tie ballet shoe ribbons, there is something very special about wearing a beautiful pair of satin ballet shoes with ribbons.

3. Props! What dancer doesn’t love props? Especially ones for little ones like scarves and wands. Leg stretches against a wallMy new Dance With Me parent and baby classes have meant that I have got to buy new props for class and I just love my little finger puppets and the ballerina dollies. Props are not just for wee ones and my teenagers also love the big silk scarves for Ballet and getting to have props in the dance shows.

4. A wall. Yes, a wall! A good wall can help a dancer get into the splits. I often use the wall to assist with splits training. Dancers can lie on the floor and use gravity to help their legs get into the box splits or stand on one leg and push one leg up the wall into the splits. I also like to occasionally use the wall and a slidy bit floor to practise jumps. These are always good fun and the dancers love to have a ‘race’ to see who can push/jump the furthest away from the wall!

3 Things That Make My Work Unique

Catrionas dancers1. My dancers. My pupils make my work unique as they are all individuals with individual temperaments, strengths, weaknesses etc. No two classes are ever the same and this is one of the reasons that I got into dance teaching as I loved the idea of never having two days the same. I love that my dancers want to tell me about the things they’ve done outside of dancing and even when it’s something that’s stressing them out I feel such a sense of privilege that they want to tell me about their lives outside of dancing.

2. My work hours. I start teaching after school finishes so work late then often do paperwork in the evening after a late dinner. This way of working really suits me as I’m not a morning person, although I can’t work as late now that I have the girls to wake me up nice and early (she says typing this at 3am!). It makes me sad when I’m working and miss the bedtime routine but I always get my morning snuggles so that almost makes up for it.

Dancers with certificates3. Me! Although I have other teachers that work for me who influence the dance school I think I am one of the things that make Cat’s Dance School unique. I love the immense sense of satisfaction I get from teaching a child how to dance (or an adult). When I see a child grasping a step that they’ve struggled with, learning a choreography or shining on stage I know all the hard work is worthwhile. I love to teach them that it’s ok to not be the best at everything and to get inspiration from others that can do something better than them because that dancer will also be learning from them. Healthy competition, positive feedback, learning to fail, high expectations, belief that each dancer can achieve high standards, and cultivating a love of dance, is what keeps me so passionate about dance teaching. Other dance schools might teach RAD Ballet and ISTD Tap and Modern and all the other styles of dance we teach but they don’t have crazy old me at the helm.

2 Mistakes I’ve Made In The Past

1. Wow where do I start?! Who has only made two mistakes, not me that’s certain. I think the biggest mistake I made was to forget to market my dance school while retraining as a Primary Teacher and having my beautiful girls. I got lazy because word of mouth had always been the thing that worked best for me. But the advance of technology and all the online forums and groups were sadly neglected by me and my school has shrunk as no one knows I’m here! However, I’m making amends now and I’m learning all about online marketing and I am getting much better with using technology to my advantage. I forgot that I was key to the dance school. I had such fantastic teachers working for me that I forgot that I needed to steer the ship and keep it on course. My rebrand from Catriona Hogg School of Dance to Cat’s Dance School and the launch of the Dance With Me parent and baby classes, combined with my new marketing skills will hopefully see a growth in pupil numbers this year as people find out what awesome things we get up to.

2. Leaving things to the last minute! I am the queen of procrastination and I can often be found doing an all nighter to get something done that I put off to the last minute. The worst is probably when I leave printing to the last minute because inevitably my printer starts running out of ink or I run out of paper! I once left my programs for the dance show printing overnight and when I woke up I realised I’d printed the fronts twice so I had to re do a whole batch so that they had both the outside and inside of the program! I also recently printed a batch of fliers with a spelling mistake, oops! Must remember to leave time for proof reading.

1 Project I Am Proud Of

Toddler in Tutu1. I am very proud to have launched my own baby dance classes, Dance With Me. I secretly love teaching the babies the best (shh don’t tell the older girls!) and have always wanted to have classes for children even younger than my preschool classes. I have loved getting to plan the lessons and have used my Primary Teaching knowledge combined with my Dance Teacher knowledge to produce classes that have educational elements of numeracy and literacy in line with the Curriculum for Excellence and also introducing dance skills. I have been told that when I teach the younger dancers I become a whole other person…I think that’s a compliment to put alongside the one when I was told I should be a childrens’ TV presenter! It’s early days but I really hope to expand these classes and maybe even have some in the local nurseries once bump is born and is a little bigger.

So, I’m a little crazy (who isn’t?), love babies and have a whole lot of love for teaching dance. I’m inspired by people who build people up and try to do the same in my daily life. I wouldn’t trade all my daily madness for the world and am eternally grateful to all those who keep me going.

Thank you Kelly for this opportunity to think about my business from a different angle and I hope my honesty might help others push on and find a different way if at first they don’t succeed or to be proud of their house piles because it’s like a to do list!! If you live in Edinburgh or the surrounding area feel free to check out my awesome dance school.
Xx Cat

Cats Dance School Logo

Thank you so much to Cat for her really lovely blog post and all her craziness! I’m just happy to know I am not the only one with little “to do list” piles around my house!

I really hope you are enjoying the 5,4,3,2,1,Things series so far. We’ll have another one in April.

Kelly x

March Meet the Maker

March Meet the Maker

This month I have been participating in the wonderful March Meet The Maker challenge. For those of you who haven’t heard about this or are just unsure what it’s all about, I’ll let Joanne Hawker, the creator of the challenge, explain in her own words;

The idea behind #MarchMeetTheMaker is to show the side that people don’t usually get to see… to show that we’re not all faceless brands. We’re just normal people creating beautiful things by hand.

Since this challenge is aimed mostly at Instagram (even though I’ve posted my photos onto my Facebook page too) I thought it would be nice to share what I’ve done so far with you guys. Some of you follow me here and don’t use Instagram or Facebook and I like everyone to get to know me equally! You lucky things!
At an almost half way point of the challenge, here are my Meet The Maker posts so far…

A photo of me in my office

Day 1: You

The first prompt is “you” so…this is me! My name is Kelly and I am the face behind RowRow and Kades. I am originally from a place in the North East of England called Middlesbrough but I now live just down the road in Co. Durham. I am mam to two boys, Kaden and Rowan, and partner to their daddy, Terry. I started hand knitting when I was 6 and I’ll be 42 in April! Before Rowan was born I was designing mainly adult knitting patterns for Let’s Knit! Magazine, a front runner in UK knitting mags. Once Rowan arrived I didn’t have the time it takes to design garments anymore so I took a break from Let’s Knit and started RowRow and Kades instead – mainly because I’m addicted to knitting. Now Rowan is almost 2 years old I am moving back into designing for the magazine but I’m going to do it as well as RowRow and Kades because I love doing both.
So there we are. A very long winded all about me! Nice to meet you. Tell me about you in the comments!
Snowy view from my home

Day 2: Where?

This is the view from my front door looking to the right! I live in a village in the North East UK and we are currently snowed in but it’s so pretty! My little office you saw yesterday is here in this house with this view so… yeh! This is where the knitting magic happens.It doesn’t normally have my neighbours flat pack boxes. They’ve been decorating.

Day 3: How it Started?

My nana taught me to knit when I was 6 years old. This is me (far right) with my nana and my big brother. She only knitted on straight needles but she taught me to make toys. I made one of those dolls with a head at either end instead of legs. It had a long skirt that always covered one of the heads. One face was happy and the other was sad, so I could switch between the two with a whip of her skirt. She was full of holes and dropped stitches and rather miss shaped as a result but I was so proud of my doll. No idea where she is now though ?

Skip forward 30 years and I was still knitting (mostly in secret because I felt it was an old fashioned hobby) and I applied for Let’s Knit! Magazine. My first pattern, Emmeline, was published in September 2012. Such a proud moment for me and I’ve never looked back! Check out the chubby photo of me in that let’s knit mag! I need to send them a new one!

Dragon Egg Bonnet

Day 4: Favourite Make

Mine has to be my Dragon Egg bonnet which was originally a vintage bonnet pattern that I re-wrote for the sizes I needed. I love the stitch pattern and how it overlaps itself. It really does remind me of a dragon egg! I’m really into sci-fi and fantasy so it’s probably another reason I love making it so much.

Photography Layout and props  Flat lay of work in progress

Day 5: Photography

I am no photographer! I have gradually learned what works for me through a lot of trial and error but I really do have the absolute basics when it comes to photos.
You can see from the first photo how the second image was created. I have a piece of wood which I lay on top of my storage cupboard in my office (hence the printer to the far left!). It’s just by the window so I get decent light most days… not today though! I wrap a nice piece of wallpaper around it and keep it taut and place my items on top. After that I used my phone camera which is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (for anyone seriously wondering!) I edit using an app on my phone called Snapseed which I swear by. And that’s it. Nothing fancy here!

Office Space

Day 6: Workspace

I remember sharing this last year and I had a cupboard in my living room with wool and paperwork piled on top. I hadn’t really started my business and it was a mess. Skip a year and I have decorated my spare room to resemble an office! Hooray!
This is were I blog and write newsletters and list my Etsy goodness. It’s also where I pack your orders and write you notes. It’s my little cubby hole and I love it.
I can never show you what is on the other side of the camera though because I share the space with my partner, Terry, and let’s just say it’s not so pretty ?? Boys.

Flat lay of Work in progress and journal

Day 7: Routine

I don’t really have a routine. It’s impossible to stick to it with a toddler. I cram in work where I can and knit most evenings. I write all my plans, ideas and to do let’s in my awesome business planner by @thegirlsmeanbiz (Love it!!) and do my best to keep up to date.
Knitting, planning, planning, doing, knitting. That’s about it!

If you would like your own awesome marketing planner have a look here. This does contain an affiliate link.

Flat lay of pink things

Day 8: Flatlay

We all know I love a good flatlay and March 8th was International Women’s Day so I made a special girly one. Let’s hear it for the girls! Girl power etc… Who run the world?

Flat Lay of Work in progress

Day 9: How it’s Made

I’ve got to admit I did struggle with this photo. It’s tricky to show knitting without actually knitting and I want to save video for a different post later in the month.
Things are usually made with plenty of coffee and chocolate involved.

Mug of coffee and yarn

Day 10: Relax

Ahhh to relax! I don’t get much of that around here. When my toddler naps I use the time to frantically catch up on everything I need to. When he goes to sleep at night, I use that time to focus on what needs to be done. If I’m relaxing then I’m watching Netflix with a cup of something warm and knitting. I can’t watch TV without knitting. So I’m never far from yarn. I am completely addicted to the stuff. Maybe I should get a pet sheep! ???? How do you relax?

RowRow and Kades Logo

Day 11: Logo

I wanted my logo to be simple but elegant. Something that was easy to read and pretty too. I found the text and loved it. The heart was hand drawn for me by the amazing snapclicker
I love my logo. It’s exactly what I wanted. I hope you love it too!

Pretty pink packaging

Day 12: Packaging

I do admit to taking pride in my packaging and it has evolved into something I really love.
Everything is wrapped in pale pink tissue, sealed with my logo heart sticker, and wrapped up in lovely soft string. A thank you card and social media card is attached to the wrapping and it is placed into a plain white box. The box is then sealed up with beautiful sparkly silver tape. Inside the package, the item has a washing instructions card attached to a lovely ribbon.
I wanted the packaging to make the items even more special. To cause a little ahhh when they pop through the letter box. To give joy before the item has even been seen. I hope that it does all those things

Clothes and unicorn slippers

Day 13: Work Clothes

I am very lucky to be able to do this from home and not need any sort of uniform or protective clothing. So my work clothes are whatever I’m wearing that day…and my sleepy unicorn slippers.

So that’s where we are so far on March Meet the Maker. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and getting to know me a little better. To be honest, you deserve a pat on the back for getting this far! If you want to keep up to date with the rest of the meet the maker posts I’ll be posting over the rest of the month, you can see them on my Instagram page or my Facebook page.

See you next week with a guest blog from an Edinburgh dance teacher. Catriona from Cat’s Dance School will be popping by to let you know all about her 5,4,3,2,1 Things. I can’t wait!

I would love to invite you to join my brand new facebook group; RowRow and Kades Wool Baa and be the first to hear about new collections, special offers and competitions by signing-up for my newsletter