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I have missed a few weeks of blogging over the last month because I made a huge decision in my vision for RowRow and Kades and where I wanted it to go. Originally I had intended it to just be baby knits for you to order from me but I kept looking at all my patterns from the past, just sitting there, and decided that I wanted to include them in the mix too.

So, the last few weeks, I have been busy updating all my patterns, knitting up some adult knits, and generally trying to give RowRow and Kades an over haul. It’s been tiring, and I’m nowhere near finished (will it ever end?!) but it’s getting there.

So let me give you a super fast run down of what we have so far.

You can now order adult hats to be made in a choice of 12 colours.

Hyades Beret hat pictured in Silver yarn
Hyades Beret

Holly Beret in Denim Blue
Holly Beret

Vionette Beanie Hat in Teal
Vionette Beanie

The knitting patterns for each of these hats are also available in my brand new knitting pattern section. More hats for adults will be available as soon as I can knit them up too.

There are also knitting patterns for some baby items like my Butterfly Bonnet and Ophelia Bonnet.

Butterfly Bonnet in Irish Cream
Butterfly Bonnet

Ophelia Bonnet in Lilac
Ophelia Bonnet

I am also going to be adding all my adult knitting patterns to my Etsy shop but as I am re-releasing a lot of them (due to them being out of contract with the magazine they were published in) I am giving most of them a period of time where you can download them for free. So if you are a knitter, the following two patterns are free for a limited time:

Ava shrug pattern
Ava Shurg Free until Aug 18th midnight BST
Capri Sunrise Vest Pattern
Capri Sunrise free until Aug 25th midnight BST

So there are lots of things happening and that’s why I haven’t been here to tell you all about it but I promise to get back to blogging asap. Hopefully in time for the next post due on Tuesday (next Tuesday!) I have one week to get my act together. I’m feeling hopeful!

Until then, tell me what you would like to see added to my Etsy shop in the comments below.

Kelly x

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