Spring / Summer Rep 2018 Announced!

Just a quick post today since I am super busy knitting things for my brand new reps! Hooray!
Some of you might have known already that I have been advertising for a couple of mini reps to help me promote my Spring / Summer ’18 range. I have been posting this little picture about to entice people!
Rep Search Advertisement Graphic

It happened to work and I got lots of people entering their super cute babies and toddlers to help me out!

In face, it worked a little too well as I was completely spoilt for choice when it came down to picking and I had to really nit pick to choose my final three. It’s not something I’m very good at, telling people that, although their baby is absolutely beautiful, I can’t use them this time around. I hate letting people down. But I put my business woman head on, roped in my partner, Terry (who can be pretty brutal when he wants to be) and narrowed them down to this lovely few.

Cute photo of Makayla, a baby from New Zealand

One of my first choices was Makayla. She is 5 months old and lives all the way in New Zealand. This scared me at first. I’ve shipped to NZ before and it takes almost a month from the UK. They must send things there in a rowing boat! But she is so cute and beautiful that I couldn’t resist. I’m working on a few things for her now since she will have the longest wait for them. I’m so excited to see her in the items! You can see more of Makayla on her mum’s instagram @Ophelia_kkkk

Cute photo of baby in the bath

Next up we have Lennon, a 4 month old from the UK. What a total sweetie he is! I have so many plans on things to make him that I don’t know where to start! I have to find the perfect colours to set off his big eyes and gorgeous smile! You can find him on his mums account @_jadebowden

Photo of toddler Rose on a bench

Finally we have Rose. Rose was entered with her twin brother Frazer. They are both so cute and I was gutted that I had no spot for Frazer to fill. I have a new design especially for someone like Rose though, so she needed to be on board. She is very beautiful and cute to boot. You can find her on instagram @little_Rose_buds_big_life or with her brotherย @Frazer_and_Rose

I am knitting day and night to get these guys some items to wear so keep checking back and hopefully you’ll see some new things very soon!

See you next week x

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