Feya Pixie Bonnet

A few months ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to knit items for my shop that had been designed by someone else. I wanted the shop to be purely from my brain (and heart!) Not that there is anything wrong with the patterns from other people. It’s just that other shops can stock those items. Anyone can knit them up for you. I want RowRow and Kades to be a bit more special.
Since that decision, I’ve been working hard on new designs to fill some empty spots.

First there was Chunky Jo, the woolly winter bonnet with huge pom pom. Then I created the Tides Beanie. That lovely lace work spiralling up to the pom pom on top.

Chunky Jo Pom Pom Bonnet
Chunky Jo
Tides Beanie Hat
Tides Beanie









Now, I’m bringing you the Feya Pixie Bonnet.

Feya Pixie Bonnet

“Feya” means “Pixie” in Russian (if I am to believe google translate!) It is knitted in a very beautiful cashmere blended yarn and feels soft to the touch. It is a lightweight hat, ideal for a cool Spring/Summers Day, and is suitable for boys and girls alike.

Pixie Hat in cashmere yarn

I’ve been wanting to design a pixie hat for a while but just hadn’t gotten around to doing it, but I am so happy with this. The little diamond edging is just right to set it off from other pixie hats and I’ve already got plans to use it in other items in the future.

This bonnet has little i-cord ties (30 cms in length) to fasten the bonnet under your little ones chin and keep it in place. I actually ran a vote for this on my instagram stories, and although a few people voted for a button under the chin, the majority wanted me to work harder than that and knit ties!

Pink Pixie Hat and Flowers

I have knitted two so far, the gorgeous blue one, which was my prototype, and the pink one above. The blue is called Mallard and is such a stunning colour. I had used it in lots of photos in the run up to releasing the hat so I decided to make a really girly one to show the contrast. The Baby Pink did it so much justice and I can’t wait to see what other colours I get to knit this in.

If you are a knitter, the pattern is being written up and will be released as as possible along with all my others. I will be selling them on my Etsy page as soon as I can get them all down!

Pink Pixie Bonnet with Flowers

So what do you think of Feya? Do you like the pixie hat style or would you prefer this to be a simple bonnet or even a beanie? It’s all possible and all coming soon! Are you Russian and can you tell me if it’s a true translation?!
Feya is available from my Etsy shop in sizes newborn up to 2-5 years. It is ยฃ26 plus p&p.

Rowan wearing the Pixie Bonnet

Rowan posed in it for me and was very good! He’s getting to be such a great little model these days!

Talking of Rowan, just before I go, it was his 2nd birthday yesterday and he had such a lovely time! Where do the years go?

Until next time!

Kelly x

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