Top 5 Customer Photos – Jan – Mar 2018

Three months ago I showed you the top 5 photos I had received from customers of their little ones wearing a RowRow and Kades item. I wanted to do a quarterly post for this, and it’s that time already! I seriously can’t believe we are close to the end of April already! Please be aware that the links in this post will take you to the product in my Etsy shop.
Anyway, enough of that…here we go with the cute babies!

Baby wearing Powder Blue Aviator Hat

This first one is the second photo I’ve had sent to me of this little fella. The first photo I had was when he was only a few weeks old and wearing his Aviator Hat. It was slightly too big for him and had lots of growing room. His mum sent me this updated version a few weeks later. How cute is he! All filled out with his chubby cheeks and wearing that aviator so well! Gorgeous!

Little girl with teddy and butterfly bonnet

This little girl loves her Butterfly Bonnet! She wears it so much that I have more photos of her than any other customer! Her mum always posts them on Instagram and tags me so I can see and I love it! It seriously makes my day to see her getting so much use out of something I made for her. She is super cute too!

Little Girl in her Ophelia Bonnet

I love the rustic feel to this photo. It’s almost like it was taken years in the past! This little girl is a returning customer. She also owns a Butterfly bonnet but she came back for an Ophelia Bonnet. It looks so beautiful on her and her styling is just perfect!

Little Girl in her Dragon Egg Bonnet

Love this photo of this little girl wearing her Dragon Egg Bonnet in Cranberry. She is posing so lovely! Showing us the side of the bonnet where all that gorgeous pattern is shown off. Super model in the making!

Little boy on a bed in a Butterfly bonnet

Last, but by no means least, is Roma in his Butterfly Bonnet. Roma’s first bonnet was a little tight on him, so his mum sent it back for a resize and now it fits just perfectly. I love making sure the bonnets are right for your child. Look how much he suits this!

So there we are for another quarter. I’m really looking forward to seeing what gorgeous photos my customers send to me over the next 3 months!

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