Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

Buying a gift for a baby shower can sometimes feel like a difficult quest. Just what can you get that will be special and valued but functional and useful? Here are my top 5 gift ideas that are both practical and have lots of sentimental value too.

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1. Baby clothes in larger sizes

When a new baby is born everyone loves to buy the tiny baby clothes but new parents get so many in that size that they sometimes can’t even get to use them all before the baby has out grown them. Buying a few sizes bigger is a great help. Get the 3-6 months instead of the newborn size. Or even 6-12 months to be really prepared. A selection of outfits in all the sizes up to 12 months would be so special and amazingly helpful. Just remember to think about the time of year you are buying for. I had some beautiful shorts and t-shirts bought for my son when he was born. They were in 6-9 months which I thought was fantastic at first. Until I realised that he would be 6-9 months old during November to January, the coldest time of the year here in the UK. As a result, he never wore them.

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2. Home cooked meals for a month

One of the best ideas I’ve heard was a group of baby shower guests organising home cooked meals for the parents. Each guest writes their name in a calendar for the first month after the babies due date. Then, during their week, or couple of days, (however you want to split it), they bring a home cooked meal to the new parents home so they can eat it or freeze it. When dealing with a brand new baby, cooking for yourself and your partner is just an added chore and you end up neglecting yourself at a time when you need the most energy. It’s such a thoughtful way to help the new parents and get to see the new baby too!

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3. Blankets

A baby blanket is one of the handiest things to buy. They are great from the very start of the baby’s life and can still be useful years down the line. My son still has all the baby blankets bought for him and he is almost 2 years old. He uses them during his afternoon nap and loves to snuggle with them while watching the TV. They are a great gift for longevity.

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4. Treats for mum

Once baby arrives, couples just don’t get as much time together and no matter how much you love your baby, you need some alone time to keep your relationship healthy. A restaurant meal and booked in baby sitter can be a perfect present. Organise for grandparents to give them the night off or even offer yourself!
Other mums prefer a bit of pampering. So a prepaid massage or pedicure can be amazing.
I know through my pregnancies, a pregnancy pillow was a godsend duringย the last couple of months. A V shape pillow is perfect for placing between the legs while sleeping, to add comfort and ease pressure. It also doubles up as a feeding pillow after the baby is born.
If you know the mum to be will be breastfeeding, a good book is a great gift. Breastfeeding can sometimes take a long time and I know in the early days I felt like it was all I was doing. With my first child I read all the Harry Potter books while breastfeeding him. My second child got me through most of the Game of Thrones series. It’s definitely an idea opportunity to catch up on reading!

Butterfly Bonnet and Mittens by RowRow and Kades

5. Specially made hats, booties, cardigans and blankets for the baby.

These items top the list in most polls for favourite baby shower gifts. Mums really appreciate the care that goes into something which is handmade. I know when I make something for a customer, I don’t just rush it and get it finished as soon as I can. I painstakingly check for any mistakes I might have made (and if I find one I will pull out the work and fix it, even if no-one else would know it was there). I make sure my loose ends are weaved in really carefully so they (hopefully) won’t wiggle free, and I check everything for every tiny detail so I know it is to the best of my ability before it is placed in the box. This is nothing like what you buy from mass-produced shops. Handmade is very special.

So there you have it. My top 5 baby shower gifts. Have a missed any you think should be included? Or have I helped you in the struggle of what to buy? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!


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