Chunky Jo Hat Photoshoot

When I first started making baby clothes I knew I should make use of my own child, drag him into the world of modelling for me and make him wear hats, even though he hated it. What a terrible mother! What I didn’t realise was just how much he was going to love it and what a little poser he would become!

Rowan having fun at his photoshoot

Rowan was really small when I started out, and I didn’t actually start taking photos of him until he was already 1 year old. I don’t know why. I just avoided it and thought it would be difficult. I regret that now but I still have the other photos to look back on.

He couldn’t stand unaided when we began so they were all of him sitting on the bed and my partner, Terry, (Rowans Dad) trying to keep him still. I’ve blogged about his wiggling before here! He’s difficult to keep still and get the good shot, but we have a lot of fun chasing him around!

Bouncy Rowan

I recently released a new hat called Chunky Jo. It is a bonnet style hat, knitted in chunky yarn, with a huge pom-pom at the back. I made it in Rowans size first, since I knew I wanted him to wear one. We’ve had it a little while and I’ve taken him on lots of walks to get a few sneaky photos of him, but they just haven’t worked out.

Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to take him out and make it specifically for the hat photos. No distractions, just a walk with mam and dad and wear a hat.

He had the best time!

Rowan running in the fields

We would stand him with Daddy and I would run away. He would have to catch up to me while I was busy taking the photographs. I had so many photos at the end of it that I was spoilt for choice.

Close up of Rowan side on

Rowan in the pathway

Popular photo of Rowan wearing Chunky Jo

One thing that amazes me about it all is that since uploading the photos I’ve had a few comments on the fantastic photography, and the skill I obviously have (!) I saw that the photo had been pinned to photography boards and it seriously blew me away that people thought this was something I was proficient at! I literally crouched on the ground and let me child run to me while I took photos with my phone! But I’m definitely not complaining. A great photo can travel far so I’m thrilled people like them so much!

Rowan running in the fields

So I guess this blog post is really just to show you how much fun Rowan has on photo shoots, and that I’m not a terrible mother dragging my child into slave labour! Also I think we can easily forget that if you use the resources you have, nothing needs to cost you the world. Most things are right there at our fingertips.

Rowan laughing

So I will see you next week with my first guest blogger! Judith from Boy and Bearย is kicking off a new monthly post with 5,4,3,2,1 things about her and her business. You’ll have to pop by next Monday to see what it’s all about! See you then!

Kelly x


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  1. Wow – I assumed you had a professional photo shoot! Great pictures! Love the fact he seem a to be having so much fun on his walk, no one could accuse you of salve labour, he’s obviously a natural x

    1. Aw wow thank you! I’m amazed people think it’s so professional! He really does love doing it now and has lots of fun chasing mammy! He runs straight up to the camera, waving, and gets his face right up to me. Hence the photo at the beginning. It’s like he knows the goal is to get for me and then wait for Daddy to catch up haha! He’s also stopped trying to yank the hats off which helps! X

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