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Today I wanted to show you a few of my favourite items from my shop. ย I know I’ve talked about the shop in all my blog posts so far but I am really proud of how it’s turned out and I really want to share with you all the beautiful things.

So the first things I’m going to show you are my Spring Booties…

Spring Booties Spring Booties

Spring Bootiesย are a great addition to an outfit and perfect for boys and girls alike. They are soft and warm and cosy on those little baby toes. They come in lots of colours too so you are not tied to pink! How about a fern green for your little boy? Or soft heather for your daughter? What about a vibrant red for the daring of you out there!

Next up is the Persimmon Cardigan…

Persimmon Cardigan Persimmon Cardigan

This beautiful little cardigan is knitted in a snuggly warm merino yarn. It comes with long sleeves but that can be changed to short sleeves if you prefer. Perfect for the summer chill in the afternoon. It has a stunning leaf pattern running up either side of the button band. This is textured as you can see from the photo. A gorgeous addition to any little girls wardrobe.

Finally is the cool Striped Vest…

Striped Vest Striped Vest

This fantastic summer vest is knitted in 100% merino but it is a thinner fabric that the other items. It is cool and summery and unisex too. Swap that turquoise for pink if you like your stuff girly! There are lots of colours to choose from as well. But wait! Would you like this in just one colour? Then just let me know. I can fix it for you!

So there we go. My showcase of 3 items. I’m not going to bombard you! Head on over to the shop and take a look around. I look forward to seeing you there!

Love Kelly x

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