RowRow & Kades Coming Soon!

Hi there!

Since this is my very first blog post here I thought I should start off politely and say hello! (Not that I will be starting off any blog posts rudely…at least I hope not!) My name is Kelly and I am a mum of two boys, RowRow (Rowan) and Kades (Kaden). Rowan is one while Kaden is eight. A nice chunky few years between them. Apart from being a mum I am a partner to the boys dad, Terry, and a knitter. I love knitting. I love my family more, but I love knitting. I knit at any opportunity. In fact, I cannot sit still unless I’m knitting. I can’t watch a film unless I’m knitting. And if I have nothing to knit when a film is put on, I will miss half of the film while I try to look for something to knit.

So… with that being said I decided I should probably change my hobby into my job. Some people think this is a bad idea. But I just love it so much that I can’t imagine not wanting to knit. Yes, I get bored of knitting the same things over and over sometimes, but if it’s in a different colour, different size…well it’s different.

That’s were RowRow & Kades comes in. I have knitted for work for a few years (I won’t go into the details just yet) but after getting pregnant with Rowan I wanted a change slightly. I love knitting baby clothes. They are fast and give instant gratification. People kept telling me to make the clothes I made for Rowan and sell them. I decided to do just that and it also gave me the excuse to knit for girls too!

My little shop over on Etsy is getting filled up with plenty of baby boys and baby girls clothes and accessories…not quite as we speak since I’m typing and not knitting! But as soon as I put this laptop away I’ll be knitting again. I’m addicted!

On June 1st I will re-open my Etsy shop. Come on over and take a look.

Plus! If you sign up to my mailing list, you will receive a 25% discount code off your order. What more could you want!

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